What we value.

Being able to image the scene that you sees a caliber as for it and wants to use.
And are careful manufacturing, positive slight play and surprise.
Decorate the food on a dish, conversation bounds, enjoy your life.
We always work on with manufacturing wishing you to provide
more pleasure in using our tableware in the daily life.

special products of October: [HORECA's tableware is entertained for guest .]
web catalogue 2018
web catalogue 2018
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Mizunami City, Gifu Prefecture.
Miyama is located in the Minoyaki producing area consists of three cities where porcelain, especially white porcelain is produced.
Foundation of manufacturing that was fostered during the middle and late period of Showa era when western style white porcelain tableware was provided, having received orders from the European and American tableware brand companies.
We are producing tableware as a gracious tool suitable for contemporary life associated with what we have inherited.
Please feel free to make inquiries to us about production, products and usability.